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Nea Roda

Nea Roda, a fish village inhabited initially by only 40 refugees, families coming from Roda of Minor Asia, right after the destruction of Minor Asia and lots of wanderings and sufferings. The village was set on the location “Provlakas”, which means in Greek “before the canal”, implying Xerxe’s Canal.

Through the pass of the years and the populations’ exchange, the settlement attracted others refugees as well, coming even with boats from Eastern Thrace, Cappadocia, and other areas of Minor Asia. Apart from the customs, rituals and their memories, the refugees brought with them the holy icon of Virgin Mary, keeping it until nowadays as their major protection from the disasters.

A stroll around the village reveals characteristics of a traditional fish settlement framed by a beautiful coast with crystal waters, whose waves touch beach bars with summer music and cocktails.

It is really worthy to stand on the hill with the small chapel which stands across the port, and gaze over the cape of Arapes and the untrodden beaches of Mount Athos.