Ouranoupoli, Ierissos, Nea Roda ...


Only 15 km far away from Ouranoupoli, you will meet Ierissos, the biggest village and capital of the municipality, enriched with a history which begins from the 7th century B.C. Ierissos used to be a very important ancient city, highly active in commercial activities due to its famous port, cutting as well its own coin. In the area of ancient Acanthus you will find significant findings of its historical heritage, excavated until our days, revealing its glorious history. The port nowadays is still an important financial source, achieving the national repute and being one of the most significant in Northern Greece. Its equipped fleet brings fresh fish every day at its docks, supplying the whole area and a large part of our country. Every morning boats and locals are gathered here to sell and buy the haul of the day. Right next to it, the shipyards, from the last left in Greece, where experienced shipwrights, pass their craft and knowledge from father to son for lots of centuries now, building unique hulls and different kinds of ships, being supplied wood mainly from Mount Athos.

Ierissos is being touched by a unique coastline of km which is receiving for lots of years now the award of Blue Flag, ensuring its safety and the cleanliness. On the wide seafront paved street, children can cycle and adults can enjoy long sea promenades, when along its side you will find beautiful cafes, restaurants, a traditional windmill and the big Aquarium (40 cubic meters) which houses a plethora of rare, strange fish, all collected by the Gulf of Ierissos.

It is also worthy to visit the Cultural Center, the unique in Greece which projects stereoscopic- 3D movies, housing in the same time lots of exhibitions of great cultural interest.