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Ammouliani, the unique inhabited island of Chalkidiki, with only 600 permanent habitants, stretching only to 4.5 km. The island was initially a a metochi (church property) of Vatopedi Monastery (Mount Athos) until 1925, which was finally vested to the refugees coming from Propontis of Minor Asia. The refugees brought with them the knowledge and the art of fishing, which most of them are still occupied with. Their sources of income now depend also on agriculture since they cultivate extensive olive groves, on tourism and herding as well.

The island is endowed with a particular morphology, which is being diversifying into beaches and small gulfs, hills and small plains. One of these plains has been formed to a salt lake, which provides salt supplies and forms an avian paradise. In the same area, you will find the famous beach Alikes (in Greek “salt lake”), for which have been written lots of articles by the greek and international press. Despite that, beautiful beaches are scattered all over the island and some of them are: Ai Giorges, Karagiatsia, Faka, Megale Ammos, and lots of others that you will discover during your visit.

Strolling around the village you will meet figured sea houses, the arsanas (small port of the metochi), the monumental church built in 1865, and narrow streets, which all compose idyllic sea landscapes. Ammouliani is connected to the mainland through ferries which carry out frequent routes.