We invite you to discover how is it to hear the quietness, with the most fascinating optical and aesthetic experiences…..

Leonidas Studios

Set on a spectacular location, close to the borders of Mount Athos, we welcome You at Leonidas studios, a place perched on the top of a hilltop, being the absolute sentinel of Athos, of Ammouliani, the little isles across, the majestic settlement of Ouranoupolis…

Abstaining only 120km from Thessaloniki, standing between the earth and the sky, the recently renovated complex offers the absolute meaning of the family hospitality, with bewitching natural landscapes beautifully blended with the sounds and the scent of the sea……….

ΜΗ.Τ.Ε. 09.38.Κ.11.3Κ.04793.0.1

Watersports-Centre Nea Roda